Associate. That sounded better.

She somehow managed to balance precariously between being a complete pain in the ass and their only friend. Friend was pushing it, so they would never say it out loud. Associate. That sounded better.

“What did we find today?” they asked, wishing she would stop bouncing about the room so they could concentrate.

“Oh, plenty!” She nearly spun in a circle before settling down. There were times they didn’t believe she was real. Placing the wraps of cloth on the table, she let them to open it themself. Thankfully. She’d probably drop them on the floor after opening from all of her nervous energy. “What are we doing with them?”

They didn’t respond. Until they appraised the bones, there was little point in replying to her needless questions. They unwrapped each bone, looking them over and looking for signs of anything that might give them the immediate clue they were important.

No, not today. “We’ll take the samples and ship the rest off to the agency.”

She sighed, sticking her lip out in a frown. As if she were eight. “Aw.”

Perhaps it said something about them that she was the only person who wanted to work with them.

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