When at fault, take responsibility

There are killers in the forest, they always said at the same time as I looked out the window, fingers itching and ready to go exploring. Never go into the forest alone.

Now that I’ve made that mistake, let me tell you… They were right. There are definitely killers in the woods. And I may have given them the key to get out.

No freaking out now though. And I’m not making it up. We have to do something to make sure they can’t cross the bridge. People say that there is something about bridges and doors that keep evil on the other side, but hoo boy. Let me tell you something. That only counts before someone does it first. If I’d never gone…

Am I too calm? Probably. I’ve had some time to think about my mistakes. That, and it’s in my head now. Don’t worry, it can’t do anything. Yet.

So yeah, I need your help.

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