When one bothers to look

She had never thought she would have a funeral for a cat. She was wrong.

Perhaps it was because she hadn’t grown up with one. She hadn’t wanted one. Oli had just shown up one day and that was it. She hadn’t asked for him, she hadn’t made him stick around. He had chosen to himself, for whatever reason.

There had to be a reason. She felt this now. When she never would have thought an animal to have a reason before. Oli understood things she couldn’t comprehend. And it was understanding, it wasn’t random.

Had he been old when he first came to her? She didn’t know. She only knew that after the first time she actually let him in the house, he curled up in a corner and went to sleep for the last time. Oli had been wandering around her house for six years.

And just like that.

She had a funeral.

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