Everyone has a mad scientist

Should I explain what we are going to do today?
Failure to comprehend is irrelevant, you shall become of use,
if just your hands, not your head, there is much to produce
with it just there. Please, don’t try to hard to get in the way –
I have found the best place for you

Now watch out for the little details!
Importance is as importance does, you shall find yourself
becoming important in a different way if you knock against that shelf,
so do keep in mind what you put upon those scales –
I have found the best place for you.

Can you hand me over the vial there?
Do not hesitate, yes or no alone will suffice,
because if you cannot I don’t need to ask twice
to find something more useful than the open air –
I have found the best place for you.

Curious as to what all of this experiment consists?
Oh, it’s delicious, I think even you might admit it
though you may have some difficultly unless time doesn’t permit
and you find your assistance at the bottoms of the lists –
the best place for you?
I thought you knew.
Now. Follow through!

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