The person behind the papers was a twelve year old girl. Donald didn’t know how Lori managed, but he felt extraordinarily uncomfortable approaching her. Strange older men and all that. Not that he was old. He felt like it was just yesterday he was twelve. Well, sixteen. Sixteen was closer.

The girl didn’t hesitate either, seeing her poster in Lori’s hands. “Marie! Have you seen Marie?”

“You made these?” Lori asked. Her voice was kind, she was obviously good with kids. Donald was good at making their fast food, but that was about it.

The girl nodded. “Yeah. No one else seems to miss her, not even Dad.”

“Are you… related?” Donald asked. The girl had green streaked in her hair, much like how Marie’s picture had blue. But not the same race, definitely not. This girl was Asian. Didn’t mean one wasn’t adopted or something.

She shook her head. “No… she was paying rent to stay in the garage, now that Dad doesn’t have a car. But he doesn’t care that she’s gone. He says that she just wandered off. I know she didn’t wander off.”

Lori nodded. “We’re looking for her too. Do you think we could talk to your father about it?”

That was a relief to Donald. He knew how to deal with adults. They were all hiding something.

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