the green dress

Carine ran for a total of twenty seconds before she slowed down. Tears ran down her face, but it wasn’t from anything but fear. She rubbed her face off with the back of her hands. Slowly, she turned around to see the girl still standing there. Waiting. Waiting for her.

She might have been reluctant, but she had wanted answers. Carine walked back. “I’m only listening though. Nothing else.”

The girl smiled, showing a hint of what had been beautiful about her before. However, it was twisted by the fact it wasn’t the person’s body. Not who was smiling now. Carine could only describe it in that way. “You died that day. A lot of people did. But you were wearing this and that saved you.”

With a boot, the girl kicked the dress out from under the snow. Carine felt her heart in her throat. “What does that mean? It’s just a dress!”

“That’s not what you said when you picked it out.” The girl bent over and picked it up.

“How would you know what I said?” Carine said, all accusation. What she was accusing this thing of she wasn’t sure, but she certainly was accusing.

“Because. This was mine.” She held it up against her body. “Won’t fit me now.”

That was enough. Carine finally ran away.

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