Eventually, but it took too long.

“Can you promise me it won’t ever happen again?”

As uncertain as he had to be, his finger never pulled away from the trigger. One never put their finger on the trigger unless they were ready to shoot. Which meant he was ready.

After a long moment, she took a step back. She wished she could run, but there was no option. “No.”

He shut his eyes and pulled the trigger.

There was no slow down. It hit her in an instant. She felt it there and then gone. Or still there. She didn’t know. However people were able to tell, she had no idea. Her knees buckled and she dropped to the ground. All of her nerves screamed, but she couldn’t do anything more than choke on her air. Or try to. She couldn’t breathe.

She couldn’t breathe, but eventually she could die. It took too long and every moment was full of pain.

He walked away.

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