The next step

Lori was a big shot businesswoman. Donald couldn’t believe someone like her would be spending so much time looking into this.

Right after his shift, he met with her at the parking garage. It was only five blocks down from his work, though in the opposite direction of the bus stop. Her fingernails were painted a dark green, manicured to all heck. At least, he assumed so, because he didn’t know much about nails.

“I asked the police about a missing person Marie Thompson,” she said the moment Donald approached. “They didn’t know anything about her. No one had mentioned it to them.”

“You think it’s a prank?” Donald frowned.

“I’m thinking she doesn’t have anyone officially looking out for her. But she does have someone else who’s looking for her.”

“Finding whoever printed these papers won’t find her then.”

“No,” Lori agreed, “but it will let us know who she is. Then get the police to actually look into it.”

He hoped it would be as simple as that. Yet Lori had a calm sort of confidence that he couldn’t help but be swept up in. Plus, he couldn’t just let this go. He couldn’t shake the image of Marie from his mind and he didn’t know why.

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