Accidental transformation

Once upon a time, he had wanted to be a wizard. Now he just wanted to be human.

“Not all wizards stop… uh, being human.”

“Don’t. Just don’t.” He didn’t want to hear his husband talking about this right now. He just wanted to figure out how he had made such a big mistake and get back from it.

“Take a breath. A better one than that, darling.”

It was funny his husband said that, as the man had always had a fear of horses. Now that he was a centaur, that couldn’t be good for either of them. Nevertheless, he took a breath. Horses had much bigger lungs. The structure of centaurs made less sense, now that he thought about it. There were the lungs in his human chest and then there had to be more lungs down below. He didn’t know what that meant.

“There you go. You still have hands, so let’s look over your notes.”

The wizard looked at his hands. Okay, it could have been worse. The two of them got to work on figuring out how to undo his accidental spell.

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