Teaching normalcy

“Oh my…” They swallowed, staring out the window. “What- what did you do?”

She smiled at them, dropping her bag on the table. “Exactly what you told me to do!”

She was so ecstatic about it. They couldn’t believe it. They forced themselves to turn away from the window and look at her. “I told you to grab groceries. Not set a bank on fire!”

“But it was in the way!” She continued to smile, bouncing up and down on her feet.

“In the way of groceries?” They could have face palmed, but letting her out of their sight probably would be a bad idea. “How?”

“It just was!”

Nope, she certainly wasn’t ready to be let loose in the city. They would have to put their rehabilitation back to step one. They had been so certain that they were so far. Too bad.

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