Rejected offer

Usually, to thank someone, he would offer to take them out to eat somewhere. It was a message he had instilled in him by his mother. Henri had probably missed his weekly call by now. That would be a nightmare to deal with.

Taking a vampire out to a meal didn’t seem like a good idea though. He didn’t know what that entailed. Well, he knew it had to deal with blood. That much was obvious. But he didn’t want to say any of that. It would just be awkward. Henri knew enough about vampires to know that some of them lost their tempers when faced with… well, obvious facts? Assumed traits? There was the church that had been trashed when someone assumed that crosses had anything to do with keeping a vampire out.

Nevertheless, he had to do it. It was how he was supposed to be polite. Henri tugged at the collar of his new shirt awkwardly. “I’d like to treat you to a meal as thanks.”

Slowly, the vampire’s eyebrows crept upward on his face. “You would… like to treat me to a meal?”

Henri nodded.

The vampire smiled. The teeth were so human looking. That was another thing Henri could never get over. He knew this one too, had known for a long time. “Fangs” weren’t a part of the package, despite what everyone said. Henri hoped he hadn’t gotten himself into trouble or something.

“No you wouldn’t,” the vampire said. “But thank you for offering.”

Then he left Henri alone.

One thought on “Rejected offer

  1. I love this one! Reading it created a large smile on my face.

    Did you read my Lights Out? I would like some feedback from you, dear one, when you come to a breathing space.

    Thank you for being such an inspiration for diligent writing.



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