With the sunset came the shadows that would destroy the world.

“Woah, woah, woah.” The shadow put up an appendage that could only be related to some sort of arm or hand. “What do you mean destroy the world?”

The child frowned, then looked over the text that they had been reading. “It’s just what it says here. That when the sun finally sets, the shadows will destroy the world.”

“That’s uncalled for!” the shadow huffed, wrapping itself around the child’s shoes. “Why would we do that? That’s not fair at all.”

“I didn’t say I believed it, I just said that’s what this book says.”

“Why do you have the book?”

The child decided that probably was a fair question. They dumped it to the ground. “Well, I don’t have to have it anymore.”

The child could tell that the shadow was much more pleased with that than it let on. “Let’s go find something a little less offensive to read, shall we?”


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