One-sided introduction

Henri recognized the vampire the moment he stepped into the doorway. He didn’t interrupt the nurse as he cleared away Henrique’s meal. He could get to his feet now without feeling dizzy. The vampire didn’t say anything until the nurse walked out. The man said something to the vampire as he left, but Henri didn’t catch it.

“I see you didn’t die,” the vampire said, tone all matter of fact.

Henri looked him over. The vampire wasn’t really how he remembered him being. He was shorter than Henri, slighter too. If he had been human, he wouldn’t have been the type to throw Henri into the back of anything. “I have you to thank for that… um…”

The nurse had never given him the vampire’s name. Now that he thought about it, he could see that. How many people knew that there were vampires working here?

He decided not to make it more awkward. “It’s Henrique. Thanks for ignoring whatever it was I was saying when I was bleeding out.”

The vampire nodded. “People bleeding out don’t tend to know what’s best for them.”

At this point, he didn’t really know what else to say.

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