Not a part of a complete breakfast

Dying, in retrospect, was not the best way to start the day.

He opened up his eyes. It was like waking up for a second time. And there was one time in his life, when he had a proper job and wasn’t wanted as a murderer, that waking up early came naturally to him. That was no longer the case and therefore doing it once was hard enough.

“Oh my god, are you okay?”

There was the lucky aspect that his brother didn’t actually know how bad it had been. The unfortunate part was the fact he had been there to see it at all. “I’ll… be fine.”

Yes, pretending that he had been hurt, now that the death was over. Fantastic, he loved to act. This was all sarcasm.

His brother wasn’t an idiot, but he was a bit more practical sometimes than observant. “Okay, I’ll bring the car around, we’ll get to the hospital.”

That was the most unfortunate part. How was he supposed to say otherwise?

With a sigh, he nodded. Time to bribe a medical professional. This was annoying.

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