Breaking etiquette is easy when you are drugged

Henrique woke up, finally feeling sore.

He decided that was a good thing. The fact that he felt anything meant he was still alive. That’s what his mother had always said to him. Secondly, it meant that he could just feel that rather than the blood. He wasn’t bleeding out anymore. He could feel how he was patched up.

It hurt.

Then he remembered what had happened. “How are you feeling?” the nurse asked him.

Right, he wasn’t alone. “You have vampires working in a hospital?” Henri asked the man, feeling the wool in his head still.

The man looked about to sigh, but just nodded. “We have a few in our employ. Don’t worry though, they are no danger.”

Henri could have said that. After all, it was a vampire who brought him here. “The… one in the ambulance. What’s his name? He… he saved me.”

The nurse appeared to have some sort of change of heart, but Henri didn’t know what. He realized he had to be on some painkillers. “I will let him know.”

That wasn’t the answer he wanted, but Henrique drifted off nonetheless.

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