They were looking at HER with those big, big eyes. As if they weren’t asking for the impossible. As if they weren’t asking for their death.

SHE could have held on. SHE never did, not before. SHE knew better than to hold on for too long with most. Everything had an end eventually. HE reminded HER of this every day.

But they were HERS. The first thing SHE had ever had. They had given themselves to HER, unyielding in their attempt to broach HER initial distance.

Then time passed. They grew old, as everything did. Except for HER. Except for HIM.

They could have lasted a little longer, she knew. Even without HER help. SHE could let it be as it normally was and they would survive for a bit longer.

But HE was here – the one SHE usually loved to see. But HE was here – not for HER. For them.

“they’re mine today” HE said. There was no emotion in his voice, not today.

They smiled up at HER. “It’s okay.”

HE kept everything forever. SHE had everything for such a small period of time. SHE had to smile for them, if it was the last thing SHE could do.


SHE would say farewell.

The world would turn.

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