Keeping Clean

It was a small thing, so insignificant she normally would have overlooked it. But the day had been long. Her patience had long since snapped.

Taking in a deep breath, she affected a smile. He was her husband after all. “Did you leave this on the couch?” She held up the can.

She could appreciate that his own smile froze in place when he saw it. They had been together long enough, he had to know she wasn’t feeling up to this, to bring it up. They had been together long enough, she could finally read right through that usually unreadable expression of his.

“Was that on the couch?”

She frowned and he cleared his throat.

“I mean, yeah. Of course that’s mine. I just didn’t realize that I’d forgotten it on the couch. Sorry about that.”

There was a tight feeling in her chest that eased when he got up and reached out to take it. “Please, everyone will be here soon…”

“…and you spent all yesterday cleaning. I’ll be double careful. Sorry.”

It was comforting to know that even when she wasn’t at her best, he could pull himself back together. Now knowing her husband would be careful, she went to make sure the children hadn’t made another mess.

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