Thoughts on the World

Sometimes, when she needed to relax, she liked to imagine all the ways she could take over the world. It would be easy, she knew, for someone like her. She would never do it though, because the maintenance of the world was much more than she really wanted to deal with. She could for some time, she knew, but it wouldn’t be much fun.

Still, imagining it was very helpful when she spoke with her coworkers who were obviously on a different level than her. A lower one. Which explained why she had to keep fixing their screw-ups.

There was that one woman though, who screwed up more than anyone could possibly screw up. How could she still have a job? She didn’t know. But imagining taking over the world wasn’t enough to help her relax when she had to deal with the woman.

So she would picture destroying it instead. There would be less to maintain after that, though the initial process would take a lot longer than just taking over the world.

Probably why she didn’t do that either. Doing the same thing for that long would be boring.

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