There are makeup tutorials online

Being undead was actually fine. It would have been better if people didn’t point and scream every time they saw her. Kind of a downer. She didn’t look that great, sure, but it was a bit insulting.

She used to think she didn’t mind what people thought of her, but because this was such a drastic reaction, she knew she would have to do something about it. With a sigh, she went to the department store to buy makeup.

It wasn’t something she knew much about, never having worn much in life. She tried to get the staff to help her, but they were too busy doing that point and scream thing, so she did research on her phone instead. Makeup was a lot more complicated than she remembered it being.

In the end, she figured out what she might try to make her face look normal enough that people wouldn’t break out screaming. She went through the self checkout, because the camera watching her to make sure she didn’t steal anything didn’t actually care what she looked like as long as she paid.

Then she went home to try it out.

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