Waste of Wasted

“I may or may not have been wasted when I came up with this idea.”

He put up his hand, stopping her from speaking further. “Wait. You were drunk when you thought of this?”

She sighed, twisting her hands around the braided coil. “Yes, but can you think of a better plan that-”

Once more he cut her off. “No, no! You remember what you think of when you’re drunk?”

She stopped tugging at the rope. “That’s what you’re worried about? My mental capacity while inebriated?”

“Not worried! Kinda jealous. How do you remember anything after drinking that much?”

“Focus!” she snapped. He winced. “Are you going to help me?”

“Yeah, yeah. Sorry.”

Together, they began to pull the rope out of the beached Leviathan’s mouth.

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