Like wearing a new coat

She discarded her old life as easily as the clothes on her back.

Maybe they were a bit wet and stuck to her, but she’d had clothes harder to remove. None of it was too tight, none of it was leather, so she just had to peel it away. There were a few layers, but she only had to do one at a time. Her fingers were practiced at this, so there was no fumbling at the buttons or zippers. Once it was removed from her body, she unceremoniously dropped it to the floor. The first piece, her dull and lifeless jacket, splatted against the ground, but every piece afterward landed on top of the jacket and made less sound.

Donning a new life was a little harder.

Her hands shook as she grabbed the new clothes. They were dry, soft, wonderful. Nothing should have stopped her from slipping it on easily, but her head seemed to get stuck through the v-neck. The colours were vibrant. Pulling up the socks took forever. One piece at a time, that was how it was similar to the last set. Other then that, everything was different. Everything was new. Buttoning up was harder than unbuttoning. Yet, when she was finished…

She was a new person.

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