She had accidentally proposed to the wrong person.

I know the difference between Tom and Mark,​ she thought. Just as she knew it was Tom in front of her and not Mark. Tom stared at her blankly.

She cleared her throat. “I… from behind… why are you wearing Mark’s coat?”

“Why are you proposing to my brother?” asked Tom.

“That’s not an appropriate response.” She frowned, embarrassment gone. “Why are you wearing Mark’s coat? You ruined my surprise!”

“You proposed to him with his back turned to you?”

Yep, all embarrassment was gone. “It was a surprise! And none of your business how I do it!”

“Shouldn’t he be proposing to you?”

That was it. She scowled. “Why can’t I?”

Tom tapped a finger against his chin. “Because-”

Mark entered the room. “Tom, why are you wearing my shirt?”

It was time to figure out a way to keep Tom quiet.

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