Smoke rises

There was something in the air. Something more than the usual amount of smog.

Unfortunately, because of the smog, it was impossible to make it out.

The dachshund looked up at her with lowered ears. She wished her sense of smell was as bad as his, but at the moment he had the better end of the deal. She picked him up.

“Yeah, I know. We really need to get out of here.”

He wiggled in her arms, licking the side of her face. It made her laugh, which made her take in more air, smog, which made her cough.

“Yep! Really time to get going.”

She put him back down, lower to the ground, away from the bad air, and they walked onward.

One thought on “Smoke rises

  1. Inspired by current events – love the relationship too. You’re ready to move beyond drabbles, my friend. 😊


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