Can anyone hear?

The gryphon waited, but the human never came back.

He rested his head between his forelegs. Surprised? A promise broken. The cavern sounded with the storm outside, wind occasionally rustling amber feathers and golden fur. For a while, he wondered if the rain was at fault. He knew better though.

Blood pooled under the form behind him. He edged forward and screamed out into the winds. Go out? Or stay.

He couldn’t go. He called out again and waited.


One thought on “Can anyone hear?

  1. Excellent balance of essential, accessible storytelling elements: character development, physical description, intention, stakes, relationship, action, environment, mystery.

    Simply Awesome. One of your best yet – PLEASE continue this storyline AA. I want to know what happened before this moment in time – and what happens next.

    More, more more (please). 😊


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