When he was done recounting

Maybe Shachaf knew what he was going to do, because Zamir found the note shortly after.

Thank you. Goodbye.

Zamir pulled the note out of his pocket again, to look at them once again. Raz whistled. Haven followed suit, having dozed off at some point during Zamir’s short recollection, but waking up with Raz’s vocals.

“Yer family sounds fucked up.”

He put the paper back with a snort. “That is one way of putting it, Raz.”

“Did you think he might be happier off wherever he’s decided to go?”

Zamir had not. That wasn’t the point. The point was that his brother just up and left on him. “I’m not the rest of our family.”

Raz shrugged, leaning back. “Yeah, I guess.”

Maybe Zamir should have done something sooner. Maybe he should have just said it straight out. He would have to do that when he found Shachaf.

If he did.

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