The wheels begin to turn

She had left everything to Zamir. He didn’t want it.

“This is wonderful, his mother would say. “She loved you so much.”

There was the stipulation. He couldn’t give a single piece of it to Shachaf. Their mother didn’t seem to notice. Zamir ground his teeth. And kept his discontentment to himself. There was no hiding this now.

“Am I an idiot?” Shachaf sat on Zamir’s balcony. Zamir filled up another glass.

“Yes, but that’s besides the point. We stem from idiotic stock.”

Shachaf rubbed his face. “There’s a lot you could do with that inheritance.”

Zamir couldn’t be more irritated. Neither of them cared about the money. They both knew that. “I have a job. I don’t need it.” He wasn’t going to make the choice against his brother.

“True. You aren’t hurting for it.”

That wasn’t the point. That wasn’t it at all. Zamir shook his head and sat down across from him.

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