Continuing, not suspicious

Vidvan’s master was a very calm individual. Collected, informed, content. One wouldn’t think he was stressed at all by being in control of the largest city in the known world.

But that was the known world. There was plenty that was unknown. Vidvan pointed this out, his master nodded, and mentioned that they would soon fix that. Vidvan figured he meant that they would learn more about the outside world and fill in their maps. Vidvan studied these maps, written accounts of the places, known ways to travel through the different environments. He compiled his notes and would give them to Iqbal, who would either throw them back in his face or (after a bit more pleading) hand them up further to their master.

Who would take them and eventually read them. Then he would return to Vidvan’s chambers, papers in hand.

“Vidvan.” Calm, with a slight smile on his face, his master. “I want you to add this into your primary research.”

Vidvan wasn’t sure how that would work at first, but he nodded nonetheless. “As you will.”

His life within the walls was exactly what he wanted. So no one would guess when Iqbal helped him outside.

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