Before the interview

Name me a single person who likes going on an interview. Especially a job interview. I doubt there is someone like that out there, but I’m willing to accept there might be someone out there that has found something enjoyable about the experience.

Name him the numerous people who enjoy meeting strangers and you will have a long list of people who still like it more than him. He makes his interactions with the barista at the coffee shop short because he doesn’t know her. It will take him a couple of months before he allows her attempts at conversation to bear fruit. Because at that point she will be an acquaintance and he will not have a panic attack about responding.

Naming the opportunities which have fallen through for him would be depressing, so let’s skip over that. He is trying, after all. Making note of every time he couldn’t make himself do it would be cruel. Today is his chance and he has made it all the way to the building. It isn’t far from the coffee shop, so he stops by there first.

“Good morning!” she says cheerfully.

He attempts a smile and a noncommital response. Her name is Patricia. He has heard her tell other customers she hates to be called Patty.

“The usual double tall mocha?”

He nods. She has already begun to make it.

“Are you okay?”

She doesn’t usually ask this. He swallows. He adjusts his collar. “Interview.”

“Good luck!”

She doesn’t push. She doesn’t ask for more. She puts on chocolate sprinkles on the whip cream. Not evenly sprinkled, but enough for a smiley face.

Name out a single action which helps someone stick through the game. Name the action which has helped you.

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