Health for Beauty

Zamir would admit, Haven was a rather pretty bird. Raz was certainly smitten with her and the entire process of obtaining her had gone much more smoothly than Raz had made it sound.

“I introduced ya as my police friend, of course.”

“Which is incorrect, technically.”

Zamir’s words once again didn’t matter, as Raz ruffled up Haven’s feathers. She opened and closed her beak next to his finger, which made Zamir antsy, but Raz didn’t seem to mind. Then again, it didn’t look like Haven was closing it with that much force.

With a sigh, Zamir readjusted his suit. “Now what? Going back home?”

“Eh, can’t afford to. Have to feed this pretty now.”

Health forsaken for beauty. It was the first time Zamir had seen it done like this. He sighed.

How had he gotten so wrapped up in this?

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