A glimpse of

“I am about to examine the new barracks. Accompany me.”

Vidvan’s heart nearly burst out of his chest. For three reasons, not just one. First of all, his Master was showing increased preference for him, which was enough to quicken his heart’s pace, hoping that he would not ruin these opportunities. Second, the barracks were outside of the tower. He finally got to leave, for no reason than to accompany his Master.

Third, if it was the barracks, maybe Tavesh would be there. Vidvan wouldn’t conceal from himself how much interest that held for him.

He kept himself in check and followed. Only after a moment, two, did he consider how strange this was. Inspecting such things was beneath his Master. There were other people who could accomplish this, not wasting the Master’s precious time. He wanted to ask.

He didn’t want to ask. He didn’t want to ruin the moment.

They followed the overhang which was connected to the outer eastern wall to where all forms of the army were centralized. The ground they walked on out here was similar to that just within the walls.

Vidvan was nevertheless captivated. Almost so much that he didn’t notice the fact he did not see Tavesh.

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