The kite outside

It was only one day, while passing by a window that showed him the rest of the city, that Vidvan actually wondered what went on down there.

He had never bothered to look too closely before. It was simply the rest of the world. Everywhere outside of the tower had never been in his immediate purview. Though it had been in his Master’s, of course. That was the reason this place was a tower after all. To survey the lands and the mining culture that excavated the nearby mountains.

But it had all been outside of here. There was nothing particular about this day to Vidvan. So far away, things were small and blurry. No reason to suddenly wonder. Not like he was a child.

Vidvan spent his days wondering about things. About the experiments, about the books. About concepts that people only dreamed about. For the life of all of those ideas, he couldn’t imagine why he had not begun to wonder about everything outside of the walls.

Then he saw the item, floating in the air. It was attached to a string, leading down to a couple of human like figures on a roof. Maybe they were children. Vidvan couldn’t tell, they were so far away.

He could fly a kite from up here too, but why? Why do it down there? What was it like down there?

Vidvan returned to work with his head in the clouds.

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