Zamir went home

When all of that was said and done, Zamir went home.

Maybe he could forget about Raz. As his disappointment and shame sunk in, turning a part of him to anger, he decided that given enough time he could forget about Shachaf as well.

He had only settled himself down long enough to have turned on the television when there was a knock at his door. With a sigh, he stood up and returned to the door. “Miss Urit.”

His neighbor smiled brightly. “I apologize for the intrusion. I heard you coming in and with as late as it was… well, I presumed…”

Zamir had not missed the plate she held in her hands for him. Urit was always doing something like this. Why? It eluded him. His work had enough late nights though that he had been too hungry and too tired to come up with a refusal in the past. Now that a few years had passed and he had built up a few months worth of meals during that time, he didn’t know how to tell her to stop. “You are too kind.”

“You always work so hard, Zamir. I am glad to help, if even just a little.”

Technically, he hadn’t been working today. He wouldn’t tell her that though. He wouldn’t mention anything about Shachaf. There was no anger to set upon his neighbor, but it still boiled inside of him. He heard the television still saying who knew what. He just wanted to sit down. “It is always appreciated, Miss Urit.”

“Goodnight, Zamir.”


Zamir returned to his desk with dinner. He pretended the news was not on for him to perhaps catch wind of Shachaf.

He fooled no one.

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