At least the building isn’t on fire

Sitting outside of the building, listening to the commotion that could still be heard from within, he felt like he had somehow entered insanity. Even though he’d just left it. It had come with him.

The wheezing laughter of Raz might have irritated him before, but he didn’t have enough presence of self to become annoyed. His heart beat too fast still and he didn’t know where his jacket was. He felt bowled over. Somehow, the last thirty minutes had happened.

“Still got yer wallet, Vest?”

At the very least, Zamir still had his wallet. Because Raz had told him to make sure it wasn’t in his jacket. If Zamir hadn’t been as flustered, he might have accused Raz of planning all of this. He ran his hand over his vest.

As it stood, he would accuse him as soon as he had stabilized his breathing.

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