When his master decided he could get more than his money’s worth

The crate had probably been forgotten at some point when they were moving the labs. Vidvan frowned, on his hands and knees, staring under the shelf at where the box had been shoved. He reached out and grabbed it.


He hit his head on the bottom of the shelf, wincing. “Yes, master?”

Only after he said that did he realize how strange it was. His master didn’t usually come down here. At least, not that Vidvan knew. And not in a capacity where he could sneak up on unsuspecting children.

“What are you doing?”

Vidvan pulled the box the rest of the way out from under the shelf, showing it to the man. His master knelt down to take it, opening it up to look inside.

While Vidvan’s curiosity demanded he look in, the lack of permission held him still. His master looked at him, twinkle in his eye. “Good. I like that expression. It means the instructors are doing their jobs well. How are you liking your instruction?”

Vidvan cleared his throat. “I… wish it went faster, master.”

His master nodded. Closing the box, he straightened his back. “I have a proposal, Vidvan. Would you like to hear it?”

“Yes! Master!”

It was a good proposal.

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