What did he bring him here for?

There was something about shady places that meant card games had to be played in them. Zamir wasn’t certain what. There were more interesting games, as far as he was concerned. Whether one wanted to bet on it or not.

Raz smiled at him, much too shifty for Zamir’s liking. “This is the last place he asked me about, that one.” He whistled as he spoke.

“I can’t just go in here and ask about my brother!” Zamir retorted.

The other was still smiling. “Sure you can, if you feel like being taken advantage of.”

“Then what, pray tell, did you even bring me here for?”

Raz shrugged. “You asked, I showed.”

Zamir tried not to groan. When he found Shachaf, he was going to make him pay for this.

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