Almost together again

When Leondra went to visit her sister, she had to stop in a town halfway there. The hotel room was small and bare, but warm. Most importantly, it had a phone. Leondra had begun to understand the desire for one of those mobile phones, where she didn’t have to wait for moments like this to get in contact with anyone.

“You going to be here tomorrow?”

Leondra considered the old fashioned curling cord that attached the phone to the cradle. “Probably by noon. The train stops by at eight and takes about that long.”

“Then I guess we’ll start with lunch! It’s been so long, Leo~”

It had been so long. Leondra couldn’t help but smile. “It won’t be much longer.”

With the little they still shared in common, Leondra couldn’t wait to spend the week with her big sister.

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