Trying to speak out

Andi decided to make her collage dedicated to women.

She didn’t go for the natural. She didn’t choose those people she saw every day. She chose both sides of the spectrum. Those considered drop dead gorgeous. Those considered freaks, ugly. It took her a little to determine which ones that applied to. Which of both of these categories still fell into the centre. Still fell into normal.

When Andi had those pictures, she found the most negative words possible and pasted them over both. She didn’t separate the pictures. Both ends of beauty found themselves sharing the same place, mixed together much like anyone would be.

Cock tease. Ugly. Stupid. Damaged. Slut. Desperate. Crazy.

Andi decided she must have made her point. She waited for the collage to dry. She took a picture of it, just in case.

She turned it in, only to get in trouble for the words used. Andi sat in the office that she had been sent to after she refused to take it down.


Andi considered herself average looking.

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