In reach

Saoirse didn’t care so much about clothes, except that they be serviceable enough to get her through what she needed to get through. Warm for those terrible cold winds, airy enough for the harsh sun – whatever she needed.

Catching Toiréasa in something different than what was usually considered good for travelling… Well, that was a different matter entirely. It reminded her of those days, right when the world was turning on its head, when she would catch a glimpse of the fire from the top of the craeg. Before the outfits became more and more suited for usage of the sword.

Saoirse was certain she preferred those outfits. The ones best suited for Toiréasa to wield her blade. However, there was something to be said for those skirts catching in low breezes, shoes that would have worn through if they had been worn through any length of their current journey.

There was something to be said for a dress, because it reminded Saoirse that she wanted that house up on top and the girl that had always been beyond her reach.

The house might still be, but the girl was right here.

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