Easier to think like that

It was the potion, he had to believe.

There was no other way his beloved nephew would have done this to him otherwise. There was no way that his lovely wife would have tricked him like this. He cared about the two of them too much to believe they would have decided to do this to him deliberately.

He looked into their travels. His nephew had gone so far to bring his bride to him. He had no doubts that the two had become close during this time. However, that was to be expected. There was no way that someone couldn’t enjoy the company of his nephew.

However, to this extent, he could not accept.

They passed through the swamp, where it was known trickery was abound. Potion drinkers were there. Potion makers, even worse.

They wouldn’t have done this to him. Not on purpose. They wouldn’t have chosen to drink this, knowing.

This was what he convinced himself of, to save his feelings for both his old family and new.

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