‘Twas the season to do something dumb

When building a gingerbread house, there were two rules that Katsuya and Mami decided to abide by.

First of all, neither could do anything to the other’s house. That had been the cause for many lost house in previous years and while the two of them usually ended up eating everything, there had never been a completed project because of how they messed with each other. They hoped this year would be different with this established rule.

The second, and even more important, rule was that they had to each watch a random video on the internet and have that be the base for how they decorated their houses.

Katsuya lucked out. The video was about some city he didn’t care about, but it showed houses all over the place. He was going to make a gingerbread house this time and no one was going to stop him. Least of all Mami, who had promised she wouldn’t set her cat on him this time. After all, that would be considered a breakage of their first rule.

Mami watched a man skateboard down some stairs and then promptly jump over a railing, never to be seen again.

“Can I get a second video?”

Katsuya ignored her. “And we start!”

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