Grocery shopping

It all seemed a bit mundane after a weekend in the wood. After the haggling with the butcher shops, with the tanners, with all that would buy what she didn’t use. Leondra picked up a fruit she didn’t recognize. She thought she did, until she realized it certainly wasn’t a coconut. “What’s this?”


She looked up at the woman, who eyed her lazily from over the counter. “You realize that if I have no idea what the fruit is or the word you say, that doesn’t help me determine whether I want to buy it?”

The woman shrugged with a lazy smile. “It tastes like chocolate, if that helps. The pulp, anyway. Don’t eat the outside.”

Leondra wasn’t a huge fan of chocolate, but she had to admit to some curiosity. “Maybe another time.”

“Rare. We have them in now, but when they sell out, they’ll be a while in coming back.”
Leondra looked at the woman again. “I’m not certain whether you’re really trying to sell me on this or not.”

The woman continued to smile at her, without effort. “Hey, I can’t control what you want to eat, just telling you what you want to know.”

Leondra didn’t buy the cupuacu. She did, however, return to that shop the next time she went looking for something other than meat to eat.

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