Start of darkness or whatever

“Give me more,” said the child.

The governess continued to straighten up the room from the tantrum the child had thrown not two minutes before. “More what?” After all, she couldn’t imagine it was more lecturing and she was honestly curious what else the child could have been considering right now.


Did children actually still demand candy these days? The children she had taken care of before this particular job had never demanded candy. Even during their worst, it was usually for something a bit more specific, food-wise. Or to play a game. Or go outside. It was always something or another, but never just for candy.

“You think you deserve candy?” she asked, almost amused. “After this mess?”


The governess covered a smile. Well, while better behaved kids were easier at times in order to make contracts with, it seemed it wouldn’t take her too long before whisking this child away as well. She could only hope that one of the family members would make a great hero.

“Well, let’s see, young master. How much do you want this candy?”

A great hero indeed.

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