Harder than others

Oh, how to entertain oneself.

You wonder how this always happens. It’s not as if you don’t have other things to do. It’s not as though there aren’t other things other people want you to do. Getting any of that out of the way would be beneficial.

Some of those things are actions you want to start. Finish. Things you chose for yourself before, that you would choose again. Yet you can’t make yourself do any of that now.

You are bored, but doing something? That would take effort. Why would alleviating the boredom take effort? This situation is already painful. How come dragging yourself out of it is even more so?

Oh, there was something to be said for the days when you could whine about being bored and then be forced into doing something against your will. Because at least it broke the cycle.

Right now though, there is nothing to do that for you. No one, but yourself.

Oh, how you are bored.

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