Mercedes grit her teeth. “How much did they say it was?”

James didn’t want to reply, because she already didn’t look happy, but there was no avoiding it. “The rate was pi.”

“Pi? I’m not paying pi!”

James shrugged. “We could always go-”

“I’m going to give them a piece of my mind!”

He stopped her from walking over there herself. “Come on! It’s not worth a piece of your mind. If paying pi is a problem, imagine what it would be like if you gave up a piece of your mind!”

“But it’s the last part I need!” Mercedes explained, waving at the object on display. “The entire collection!”

James tried not to sigh. “I’ll… I’ll ask them again. If they’ll take another price. Please be patient.”

The last thing either of them needed was to give a piece of their mind again.

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