’bout ready to fall apart

Leondra glowered. “This isn’t what we agreed on.”

“This isn’t what I expected to pay for.” The market owner gestured at the cart she had pushed up the hill.

“I said it wasn’t pretty, but perfectly serviceable.”

She remembered her sister’s words. Showing a loss of temper never helped. Baring one’s teeth never helped, though Leondra lacked the same meat tearing canines. Leondra was the only one in her family who hadn’t manifested any of the beast. Baring teeth was still habit.

“Serviceable or not right now, it looks ‘bout ready to fall apart.”

“But it isn’t.” Don’t make a comment about his story. Don’t make a comment about his own appearances. Not helpful.

Either convince him, or bluff. Leondra took in a breath.

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