Not Inherited. Probably.

While Leondra’s mother and sister were lions, her father was not. The blood which coursed through him carried feline characteristics, yes, but it was a different cat. As he continued to be quite proud of his eldest daughter and his wife, Leondra was older before she even wondered what beast her father carried.

The beast was strong in him, much like it was for everyone else in the family.

However, while the other two would enter the pride, take stock of their social behavior, Leondra noted her father’s solitary nature.

These were the aspects she took into her own hunting. Fahana may have taught her, but the moment she could take it on herself, she did.

Then she wondered what it would be like to have a pride. Leondra shook that thought away. A hunting partner. A small party. Surely she could make more out of this. Do better.
Leondra kept that in mind.

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