Disbelief would be my first feeling too

When he found a stack of bills at the bus stop, he didn’t know what to make of it. He could barely feel his fingers, it was so cold. He almost left it there when the bus drove up, because it had to be fake. Then again, what was the matter with picking up the fake bills?

Then again, that’s probably what made him miss his bus as he went to the nearby police station instead.

“I’d like to report finding a missing… item?” He didn’t know exactly what to say about that.

The woman on the other side looked tired, as if she were at the end of a longer than normal shift. “All right. What-”

He placed the bills on the counter, starting to feel his fingers again. “I found these at the bus stop on North a few minutes ago. I was the only one waiting, didn’t see anyone else.”

There was a moment when she looked a bit surprised, followed by a genuine smile. She pulled a bag out to put the money in, writing on the outside of it. “Thank you.”

With a nod, he returned the smile as he rubbed his hands. “Do you think I can wait inside here until the next bus comes?”

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