Silver lining

Harvest time had arrived.

It was unknown when it would come, until it did. None knew for how long it would remain. The window was sometimes so slim and others so wide. It caused for a rush of workers within the first few hours, then the gradual slow which brought them back to a regulated schedule.

This was the time he enjoyed, when that wasn’t added to the rush. No enjoyment to be lost. The rush was good for keeping warm, but he didn’t need to keep warm all of the time. Up and up and up he went, into the cloud fields. The netting of finely woven mesh drifted behind him as he reached out and carefully plucked the silver lining from the condensation.

It fell from the clouds in shimmering strings, trying to fall apart until he caught it in the net. He worked quickly, knowing what would happen if he took too long. The lining would fall apart and then no netting, no carrying container, could keep the silver at all.

Harvest as much as possible and then descend quickly down below.

It looked to be a good harvest.

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