The Baker’s Dozen

Leilani watched the woman on the other side of the counter.

If it had been for any other event, Leilani would have bought her bread at a regular grocery store as opposed to going to a high end bakery. It would have saved money and she wouldn’t have to wait. However, she had been given very clear instructions by her brother-in-law.

Noga didn’t bother to look back at her. Leilani knew her from school. The antisocial one. Leilani had been labelled similarly. However, while Leilani was organized and not impulsive, which had gotten her a job despite her friendless manner, Noga was messy and spontaneous.

If Noga remembered her, she made no notice. Leilani might not have said anything as she received her order. However, she decided she was curious. “A baker?”

Noga finally looked at her. Yes, she remembered Leilani. Leilani didn’t mind attention. Noga, despite impulsiveness, hid away from it. “Baking is science.”

Yes, Noga had liked science. Leilani remembered. “Good day.”

The other woman didn’t reply. Leilani left with her bread.

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