The one regular human being

The gift she received for her sixteenth birthday was a rifle. Leondra had considered the implications with a degree of separation.

Her father had given up on her showing any instincts of the beast. Goodness knew that her mother had already done so. Her sister said it happened. Plenty of people in the world didn’t have it. This family always did though. Hunters, the lot of them. With nails as good as claws and teeth to bite and eyes which were always feline in quality, let alone appearance.

Leondra had inherited some of the appearance, though in a completely human-looking way. The gun was her father’s way of saying there were other ways to hunt.

She accepted this wholeheartedly.

No one in her family knew how to shoot, so she decided to teach herself. That lasted three weeks before she decided she needed someone with some knowledge in the procedure to teach her some of the basics. There were things she could suss out. But considering the power suddenly in her hands, she decided this wasn’t something to mess around with.

Time to find someone who knew what they were doing.

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